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My Coffee Break Alternative- Dandy Blend Tea and Dark Chocolate

I didn’t becochocolate and teame a coffee drinker until I was 28- so I totally get it.  The coffee thing is not just about the flavor (an acquired taste), it’s about the ritual.  Something about clutching a warm mug and sipping slowly as you work or run errands makes you…well, HAPPY and awake!

Plus, there’s all sorts of research out there proving that drinking coffee can be good for you. Coffee is shown to lower the risk of skin cancer (the reason I started drinking coffee).  Other studies link coffee consumption with a reduced risk of dementia later in life.  And there’s evidence as to why you feel so happy sipping on your coffee- studies show coffee can lower the risk of depression in women.

Then there are the naysayers. I like this debate in the Huffington Post where two doctors duke-it-out over whether coffee is a ‘health food’ or not.

One fact made me lessen my coffee intake – coffee can deplete your body of nutrients.  While it’s high in antioxidants, it can rob your body of B vitamins.  It’s already difficult enough to consume 6-9 servings of vegetables a day, I don’t need one cup of coffee helping me back-slide on my daily veggie intake.
dandy blend tea
I still enjoy coffee- mostly on weekends- but my new Monday through Friday mid-morning cup-of-goodness is Dandy Blend tea.  Pictured here, Dandy Blend is totally Caffeine and Gluten Free.  I drink my coffee black, so I enjoy this tea without anything in it, but adding almond milk and Stevia sweetener can dress it up to be sweeter and creamier.

It’s called ‘Dandy’ because it’s made from dandelion root. Dandelions (yes, the same ones that litter your lawn) are full of beta-carotene (also an antioxidant) and dandelion also reduces puffiness by stimulating the kidneys to release excess water and salt in the body.

I like to enjoy my Dandy Blend with some squares of my favorite dark chocolate (Equal Exchange Organic Mint Chocolate– it has mint crunchies in it, I’m craving it just writing about it!)  For more on the benefits of dark chocolate, check out my previous post.

As always- do your research and check with your doctor before adding something new or making any changes to your diet.  As an example, dandelion tea is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.  Always consider your own body!

If you’re interested in trying Dandy Blend tea, I buy mine at Savemart in Lancaster.  And I get my favorite chocolate bar from Apple Valley Creamery at Central Market in York!