How to Choose a Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the all-natural miracle product that can replace so many of your former purchases (deodorant, lotion, a protective oil for the ends of your hair…)

Because you can use Coconut Oil for so much (check out these 101 Uses from Wellness Mama) it’s important to get the purest product you possibly can.  When you head to Savemart, Giant, Rhubarbs, Roots or Sonnewald Foods, take this list with you so you can look for a label with the following:

1.)    Unrefined (or ‘Extra Virgin’, ‘Virgin’) ‘Refined’ can mean the oil was treated with chemicals or processed using heat (both of which lessen the benefits of the oil)

2.)    Cold Pressed This means minimal heat (less than 120 degrees) was used to extract the oil.

More heat = a product that is more altered from it’s original state= less nutritional benefits

This is my favorite coconut oil (—>)coconut oil

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